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Lactation Support

Breast feeding can be a dynamic experience and is unique for every mother and baby. Having adequate support gives you and your baby the best chance of having a positive experience. Dr. Ashley provides continuity in guidance and education which can start as soon as you need her. From prenatal classes to postpartum in-home lactation support, together we can optimize your personal breastfeeding experience.


  • Feel FULLY supported in your efforts to breast feed.

  • Lactation support in your own home and around your baby's schedule

  • Personalized lactation education: Understand the basics of lactation, how to improve and optimize Mom's supply. Understand normal newborn feeding patterns, how to tell if your baby is hungry and getting enough food.

  • Master positioning and latch.

  • Infant weight loss monitoring and feeding plans for babies who need extra support. 

  • Tongue tie release procedures for babies born with frenulums affecting breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding isn't always an easy path.

Don't struggle through it alone!

Tongue-Tie Release

A lingual frenulum is the name of a small band of tissue that connects the middle of the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth.

Tongue-Tie: Although a lingual frenulum can be a normal part of your baby's anatomy, sometimes this tissue is too small or too tight and it inhibits the full motion of the tongue and can cause functional problems with breast feeding and/or pain for Mom with breastfeeding. 

Frenotomy (Tongue-Tie Release): A frenotomy is a procedure in which the tongue-tie is released either with surgical scissors or a laser. This can improve your baby's ability to move his or her tongue which often improves breast feeding. 

Does My Baby Have a Tongue Tie?

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