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Mother Baby Bonding

Be Supported

Prenatal, Postpartum and Lactation Support

Having a new baby will likely be one of the most intense and dynamic experiences of your life! Take comfort in having the personalized support of a doctor who is a true partner throughout your journey. From preparing for your baby, to working closely through breast feeding challenges and ensuring optimal nutrition and growth, to addressing problems with sleep or behavior and managing medical problems such as skin problems including diaper rash or cradle cap. Dr. Ashley will be by your side to help guide you through what will likely be one of the most challenging yet rewarding time periods of your life!

Preparing For Your Delivery

All members who sign up prenatally are offered a private and personalized newborn class to help prepare for their little one's arrival. Topics discussed are tailored to the family's circumstances, interest and questions. These may include: What to expect at delivery, routine newborn tests and medications offered, newborn sleep, feeding your newborn, newborn behavior, rashes, and more.

Feeding Your Baby

Feeding your baby isn't always an easy path. Don't struggle through it alone! Dr. Ashley provides on-going guidance and support including breastfeeding positioning, achieving a deep latch, reading your baby's feeding cues and more. 

Maternal Postpartum Support

Mental health support, education on baby blues and postpartum depression, what to look for and when to seek help. Resources for Mom: support groups, mommy and me activities, maternal wellness referrals. 

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